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Discovery Travel Health is an arm of Discovery.Travel. As a leading provider of destination portals and travel information with millions of visitors each year it has become apparent that our customers not only want to get to places, but enjoy them once they are there.

Some of our clients have travelled extensively and have often praised a number of products that they took to relieve symptoms of various conditions and help them stay healthy. We took this opportunity to research the travel health market and consult with some of the UK’s leading nutritionists. Antony Haynes, who is featured on this site kindly agreed to advise us and act as a mentor to this complex market.

With Antony’s guidance we have compiled a range of excellent travel health products to assist you and your family on your travels. Manufactured by leading nutritional companies, these high quality products are designed to help you survive the trials and tribulations of travelling.

Vaccinations are also key to avoiding the more serious diseases that may be contracted whilst abroad. Please review our Vaccinations section on this website to ensure that you are covered. We would also recommend you visit the Govt. healthcare site for the latest news on health issues, outbreaks or other health issues.

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